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All projects are carefully scheduled and managed to be completed within time and budget constraints. Our extensive portfolio of services is diverse, yet meticulous.


Our experience spans the following project types:


  • Structural Engineering

    • Design

      • Residential

      • Commercial

      • Retail

      • Industrial

    • Plan Review

    • Structural Observation

    • Special Inspection (limited)


  • Code Consulting  - HM Associates, Inc.  provides a wide range of building, and life safety, code consulting services. We have the ability to initiate involvement at any new design project stage or review code compliance issues in existing buildings. We may also be asked to develop equivalencies where the letter of the code cannot be met.

    • Complete Code Analysis

    • Code interpretations

    • Code Change Proposals

    • Third Party Plan Reviews

    • Consultation with Municipalities

    • Existing Building Code Compliance Surveys

    • Code Equivalency Development (Alternate Materials and Method of Construction)

    • Accessibility Consultation

    • Means of Egress Analysis

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